Welcome to the Active360 Richmond shop.
We only sell boards and equipment that we have tried for ourselves, so you can buy from us in confidence, safe in the knowledge that you have a quality piece of kit that will help you make some amazing memories!

We are a small retailer, and we receive our stock in batches. Unless otherwise stated, the stock on our site now is estimated to arrive in mid-SeptemberYou can order now, and we will arrange delivery/pick-up to suit your needs when the boards arrive.

We sell our boards at the suppliers RRP + the cost of having the board delivered to our site in Richmond.

FREE Quick Release Waist Belt with every board purchased! On top of all the amazing kit that comes in a standard board package, we are now including a SUP Panda QR waist belt. This can be attached to your ankle leash cuff and creates a safe, easy to use waist leash that can prevents entanglement when paddling, and can be swiftly removed if needed.