This is the junior version of SUP Panda's quick release waist belt for use with your current ankle leash. The waist belt attachment is designed to raise your leash out of the water and away from any potential drag risks, and is easy to remove if you become entangled.


This belt fits  around your waist, and the cuff from your existing leash simply fits through the loop at the back of the belt. Features a hard wearing quick release clip with pull toggle at the front for emergancy release should you need it. 

SUP Panda Junior Quick Release Waist Belt

  • The JUNIOR waist belt  has a 38mm wide belt strap. This has the premium Nexus buckle and is stitched with saltwater resistant bonded 40 industrial nylon thread for peace of mind. These are best suited to those with a smaller frame, small adults and teenagers.

  • Our prices are for collection from our pontoon in Richmond, Surrey. If youneed onward delivery please email to discuss delivery options and prices.

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