A fast, stable board ideal for those who want to travel with speed, glide, and stability. This 32" touring board comes with cargo straps for carrying your drybag or your touring kit. The overall shape allows the board to glide when travelling. As such this is perfect if you are looking to buy a board for trips on sheltered rivers, or on larger lakes.

Gladiator 12' 6" Pro Touring

  • This 12'6" x 32" x 6" board is one of our most popular products. Ideal for a rider over 5' 7". Reinforced with Xstrong edge technology for that solid board feel with the lightweight benefits of an inflatable.

    As with all Gladiator boards you will receive a board, adjustable paddle, pump, US centre fin, bag and repair kit.

We are a small retailer, and we receive our paddleboards in batches. The boards that are on our site now will be available in mid-May. You can order now, and we will arrange delivery/pick-up to suit your needs when the boards arrive.

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