The £180 payment is a non-refundable deposit for this board. It retails at £730. Once we have received a deposit we will contact you to arrange full payment and delivery/collection as per your request. We prefer payment by bank transfer, but if you need to pay by credit card we have to charge an additional 2.5% to cover card payment charges.


The Gladiator Elite range is for those looking to up their game. These incredibly lightweight, yet rigid boards provide great glide, and  the 30" wide sport board provides extra speed and turning capability. The overall shaping provides a fast, reliable paddle.

Gladiator 12' 6" Elite Sport Deposit

  • This 12' 6" x 30" x 6" board with a centre US fin is the perfect board for taking on an adventure!

    Boards are reinforced with Xstrong edge technology, giving a hardboard feel with all the lightweight qualities of an inflatable.

    All Elite boards come with a premium lightweight carbon fibre paddle and an uprated pump. These really make a difference to your paddle efficiency and stamina if paddling for more than an hour or two. As with all Gladiator boards you will also receive a fin, carry bag and repair kit.

We are a small retailer, and we receive our paddleboards in batches. The boards that are on our site now may not be in stock. You can order now, and we will arrange delivery/pick-up to suit your needs when the boards arrive.